My Room


Just call me Glace || Glace and Panda is my nickname and Nissa Tria is my pen name || 00’lines, O’blood || A simple girl with big “panda” eyes || EXOstan || All member EXO biased! || Taemin-Key-Kyuhyun is mine/?  (if you dare to touch them, you’ll die in my arms/? LOL) || I’m a fan fiction writer and fan fiction reviewer/beta-reader || Amateur ARTworker ||  Always be the youngest/maknae everywhere(?) but, now it’s just a nonsense T.T ||

Miss me? Mention contact me via twitter ~~ xoxo ^^



131 responses to “My Room

  1. annyeong eonn, hikari imnida, 02 lines, bangapta
    kalo ada waktu senggang visit back ya eonn
    btw, editannya bagus semua *-* aku follow ya blognya

    • Hallo dek hikari ^^ wah, nemu adek, rasanya seneng banget/? wqwq
      Aigoo… masih abal gini dibilang bagus /.\ jadi malu/? wqwq
      Thank you ne ^^ bentar deh, lagi otw blog kamu nih de’-‘)/

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