Welcome, Everyone!

Let me introduce you the blog’s rules :

  1. Please leave me a comment. I’ll appreciate it.
  2. DON’T you dare to be a PLAGIATOR or COPYCAT here. I hate them so much.
  3. DON’T you dare to take out any post(s) here WITH or WITHOUT credit. If you want share some posts here, just click the re-blog button, please (EXCEPT for ART REQUEST).
  4. DON’T you dare to TAKE anything (even it this blog rules) here! I don’t like when someone take anything from this blog!!!
  5. Respect each other and don’t be rude, please. Comment that contains harsh words or something like that will be spammed.
  6. Critics and suggestions are allowed, but don’t be rude.
  7. The last, enjoy^^


Here the options :

[PS. You just need to click the picture(s)]

My Real Home



My Creations





Need to Request?


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[Status : OPEN]

[Status : CLOSED ATM]


Thank you for visiting my blog, enjoy here and don’t be rude^^

This is my newest signature :




39 responses to “Welcome~!

    • Hello kak zhya, ada Glace di sini ^^ kekeke~ wah, tema kita samaan lagi loh, kkk~ bentar ya visitback-nya ^^ anyway, tanya dong, cara ngatur sidebar yang di sebelah kanan itu gimana ya? kok aku gak kunjung bisa u.u

  1. Annyeong…
    i’m blog walkin in here.
    WAW~!! it’s nice blog. kamu sangat kreatif.
    sebelumnya, salam kenal yah.
    Namaku Cael, cukup panggil ‘L’ aja. 96 line.
    salam kenal yah dear.

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